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Why Carbon Emissions in corporate travel are more than a corporate sustainability issue

    Corporate travel is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions in the world. Even so, studies show only a few firms are taking real steps to minimize carbon emissions during corporate travel. The sustainability approach is hard to implement for many businesses, especially during official travels.

    But nowadays things have changed. Sustainability commitment in business travel is not challenging as it used to be. With the right tools like, you don’t have to worry about time and cost constraints.

    To effectively reduce our carbon footprint, especially in the travel sector, a sustainable approach must be wholly adapted. It needs to be rooted in the organization’s operations, especially in how they travel. That said; if you want to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint through sustainable corporate travel, read on:

    Carbon Emissions, what are they?

    This is the release of Greenhouse Gasses (GHGs) in the atmosphere causing what’s called global warming. When GHGs enter the atmosphere, they absorb and release heat from the solar, increasing the atmospheric temperature. With that said, greenhouses gasses comprise CO2, water vapor, nitrous oxide, methane plus ozone. While their occurrence is natural and essential for the sustainability of the planet, it’s dangerous when they’re in excess.

    For instance, without GHGs, the surface temperature on earth would be -20 degrees. And that’s because all the heat would escape to space. Unfortunately, human activities after industrialization have spiked GHGs levels in the atmosphere. As a result, the earth’s climate is rapidly changing.

    In particular, excess release of CO2 in the atmosphere is more dangerous. And unfortunately, it’s the most released GHG through human activities. According to global warming potential, CO2 has the highest rank (1kg CO2 = 1kgCO2e).

    How to Manage Carbon Emissions

    The increasing levels of GHGs have a significant impact on our environment. And unless we take steps to mitigate it, the damage may exceed beyond repair. The heat trapped in the atmosphere by GHGs is an even bigger threat because it’s provoking climate change and global warming. Because of this, you’ll witness more forest fires starting, extreme weather, rising levels of seas, flooding, and hurricanes.

    And with each year, the situation is getting worse. From a recent study review on average temperature across the world, the result shows a drastic change. For the past four decades, the temperature rise per decade was 0.08oC, but that has since changed. Now the temperate rise per decade is double the initial value.

    How Businesses Can Contribute to Carbon Emissions Reduction

    To resolve the climate change issues, a massive effort is essential. Unfortunately, it’s only the policymakers that can implement such a change. On the other hand, private industries can also take the responsibility of curbing their carbon footprint.

    Starting with the first 2015 Paris Climate assent to the recent climate summit (2021), corporate sustainability is not a priority. Businesses from startups to corporate companies now have the responsibility to set their target when it comes to the sustainability approach. And among the significant way they can contribute is through choosing transport with the least CO2 emissions.

    Carbon Efficient Corporate Travel

    Talking about minimizing an organization’s carbon footprint is not complete without addressing corporate travel. And that’s because traveling is a major contributor to carbon emissions. Air travel, in particular, is responsible for over 12% of carbon emissions through the transport sector.

    According to several studies, the 12% CO2 emission is from corporate travel. Therefore, if your company is thinking of a sustainable approach, this is an important place to start with. You need to incorporate sustainable travel solutions in your environmental policies.

    Speaking of sustainability, you can begin with the following effective practices:

    • Using direct flights to your destinations
    • Choosing airlines with the least CO2 emissions

    To help you out with the first and last point in these options, reach out to They’ll help your organization in saving the planet through boarding flights with the least CO2 emissions. This tool gives you a chance to choose flights that are implementing environmental sustainability approach. Such flights are either using SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) or any other clean substitute fuel. Data-Driven Solution that helps you choose Flights with the least CO2 Emissions

    Working with a blanket solution when it comes to sustainable corporate travel is highly encouraged. However, your organization can take a step further with Well, this is an online tool that combines data on all flights with the least amount of CO2 emission.

    As such, a business can minimize its carbon footprint by utilizing the information from this tool. Talking of information, it provides your organization with the easiest way of guaranteeing their sustainable approach through air travel. With the data, there’s no need to conduct costly research trying to determine the right flights to use.

    You only need to visit the platform, and all the pieces of information you need are right there awaiting you. Through the data in, now companies can take a practical approach in effectively minimizing their carbon footprint.

    Specific Flight Recommendations

    Besides accessing a list of carbon-efficient flights via a tool like, you’ll also benefit from recommendations. For instance, if you’re heading to a certain destination, let’s say London, you’ll get a recommendation on the best flight with the highest CO2 efficiency. Of course, there will be other options you can choose from. As a result, your company can attain its environmental conservation goal faster, thanks to a data-driven approach.

    Getting Started

    Even with complete optimization of corporate travel, it’s impossible to attain a zero carbon footprint. However, if your company or organization is fully committed to this path, it’s possible to significantly offset your carbon footprint. It takes the help of

    It’s a data-driven tool that enables your company to engage in carbon-efficient flights during corporate travels. Whether you’re heading to Europe for a business venture or any other part of the world, this tool is resourceful. Their data is up to date ensuring you get choices of flights with the highest carbon efficiency. 

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