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Was 2021 a different year after all?

    Another challenging year has just passed. Dominated by a pandemic that has changed the rhythm and the balances in our planet. A year full of mixed feelings. Feelings of disappointment and hope, continuously taking the place of each other.

    2021 was certainly a better year than 2020. Vaccination came and saved millions and although many pandemic related issues are still present, it is evident that we are getting over it. 2022 is going to be a far better year than 2021. Pandemic will become less powerful and all terms of life will get closer to normal. Corporate travel management will have clearer proposition and all travel companies will get their roles back.

    Life (like economy) has picks and bottoms. Normality, year by year, becomes more and more difficult to define. Our obligation is to improve ourselves and our actions. To look deep into ourselves and choose the best points of us. To increase our consciousness and fully understand that our role and obligation is to make earth a better place.

    2022 starts. Let’s show our best parts.

    The beginning of this year is not adequate for business talks. It’s a time of self-assessment. A time of change and improvement.

    a photo of CEO Mike Koumartzakis

    Happy new year from all the’s team – a team which puts corporate clients first!

    Mike Koumartzakis


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