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Corporate Figame rewards system

    Rewards page

    As a manager you can receive rewards based on the bookings you make. You can clearly see that using our booking tool not only makes it easier for you to make your reservations but it is rewarding too.

    For every flight booking you make, or hotel rooms reservations, even by renting a car our rewarding system counts your total expanses! In that way each time you reach a milestone you get some rewards for you and your company!

    To catch up on your rewards you have to navigate to “Rewards” tab through the excact option on the left menu.

    Rewards Tab
    Rewards Tab

    Here you can see your milestone progression, so you can keep track for when you reach one of our reward milestones.

    Milestone Progression

    You can also check the rewards table, where you can see all the rewards you get for each milestone!

    Rewards Table

    And that’s all you need to know about our rewards program.

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